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Latte is the milkiest of coffee drinks. This variant of coffee will appeal to everyone. It is served with caramel waffle syrup and decorated with caramel cream and flavour dusting. Aftertaste will bring your memories to Christmas time. After drinking a cup of such coffee you will think “Is that all? Why does it end so fast?”

Ingredients are the following:

  • milk;
  • coffee;
  • caramel Waffle Flavour Syrup;
  • caramel Flavoured Spray Cream;
  • caramel Flavour Dusting.

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In the UK, an average of 2,200 kcal (8,700 kJ) is needed for normal weight maintenance.

Below is information about the nutritional value of the drink.

Regular Caramel Waffle Latte – 184 kcal / 776 kJ

Protein7.9 g
Carbs21 g
Fat7.4 g
Salt0.26 g
Saturates4.9 g
Sugars21 g

Large Caramel Waffle Latte – 223 kcal / 939 kJ

Protein10 g
Carbs27 g
Fat8.4 g
Salt0.32 g
Saturates5.5 g
Sugars26 g

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The cost of a large Caramel Waffle Latte – £2.59

*Attention, the price may vary! The average price for the UK is indicated. It all depends on the location of the restaurant.
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