McDonalds Monopoly Double Peel in the United Kingdom

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The UK-famous Monopoly Double Peel game at McDonald’s has started. You can receive and activate stickers from September 6 to November 17. Hurry up to take part in the drawing for valuable prizes and won from free food to £100,000.

Below we will tell you in detail about the rules of the Monopoly game, and so reveal all list of prizes and dishes in the menu, where there is tear-off sticker. And if you will read to the end, get advices, how to take a rarily labels whit max benefit in the maccies.

How to play McDonalds Monopoly – conditions, rules of the game

Before you start collecting peel, every participant must know the conditions of the game:

  1. Only a participant who is 18 years of age or older can receive a prize.
  2. Monopoly can only be played by a participant who lives in the UK and is not affiliated with McDonald’s.

If you meet the conditions of the game, so install the application and register in McDonald’s Monopoly. This is necessary in order to create a wallet and save your values ​​on the playing field, as well as use and receive prizes. Next, we will analyze the essence of the game and tell you why the Monopoly game at McDonald’s is called “Double peel”.

A label consisting of two parts is attached to each box of the product that participates in the promotion. Tear it off and see what you’ve got. There are two types of chips in the game, these are:

  • Instant Win;
  • Property chips to collect.

If you have an instant win, it can be exchanged at the checkout for a prize item.

Please note that the label cannot be glued, as it is not sticky. It is recommended to keep it in a safe place and present it when receiving a gift.

When you were lucky enough to get a chip from “Collect to Win”, then you became the owner of one of the Property Game Pieces that you need to collect in a complete set to get a prize. If you add the label code to the application, then you will have a free opportunity to play Digital Peel.

How do I check and scan the sticker code? To do this, go to the application and find the scan banner on the main page and click the “Scan Now” button.

After you scan the code of your real estate item, it will get to the digital board of the game, where it will be saved in order to further track your assets in the game.

Attention! There is a limit on the number of entries of the property code, it is allowed to enter only 24 times a day.

Let’s tell you more about what you can get in the Digital Peel game. You have a chance to win:

  • from 5 to 100 pounds;
  • one of the menu items, bonus points or a great offer, see more here.
  • a frequently encountered property that can be added to your board, exchanged for another common object or exchanged for participation in the main prize draw – £100 000;
  • a £50 Footasylum gift card or a 20%/15% discount on clothing;
  • Adidas Runtastic Premium membership for 1 or 3 months;
  • shoulder bag or McDonald’s socks;
  • CeX voucher for 10 pounds;
  • Monopoly Deal card game;
  • subscription to the online magazine Ready for 3 months;
  • subscription to Lionsgate for a month.

Where can I place an order and participate in the promotion?

In addition to participating restaurants, you can order through the app and choose Pickup or McDelivery. Delivery services Uber Eats, Just Eat or Deliveroo are also available for ordering.

Note! When ordering delivery, no one will warn you or inform you that there is no sticker on the product. It is better to buy in person at a restaurant and check in advance about the availability of promotional items.

Can I use a prize voucher on a delivery order? Yes, you can, but only when ordering through McDelivery.

What prizes can win at McDonald’s Monopoly 2024?

Depending on the game, you can win various prizes. Below is a list if you got an instant win:

  • £1k Cash;
  • McDonald’s Gold Card – Free food for a year;
  • Chair-cushion maccies;
  • HyperX keyboard for gamers;
  • vouchers: Go Ape (£80), Event Tickets (£150), Bouquet of Flowers (£50);
  • £50 Cash;
  • eGift Cards: £50 Prezzee, £25 Glow Hub;
  • Hype Backpack;
  • Two movie tickets;
  • McDonald’s water bottle;
  • Phone case Wrappz with any photo printed on it;
  • T-shirt from Zavvy;
  • prizes for cooking dishes from the menu.

What stickers need to be collected to win prizes – My Properties

To win a valuable prize, you need to collect a peel with a certain set of property of the same color. To do this, check out the list:

Park Lane M520 + Mayfair M521

🏆 £100k Cash

Regent Street M517 + Oxford Street M518 + Bond Street M519

🏆 Mini Electric Car

Leicester Square M514 + Coventry Street M515 + Piccadilly M516

🏆 £2000 Holiday

Strand M511 + Fleet Street M512 + Trafalgar Square M513

🏆 Omen Gaming Laptop

Old Kent Road M500 + Whitechapel Road M501

🏆 McDonald’s Medium Extra Value Meal Or Big Flavour Wrap Meal

Bow Street M508 + Marlborough Street M509 + Vine Street M510

🏆 £500 Spend on Electricals

Pall Mall M505 + Whitehall M506 + Northumberl’d Avenue M507

🏆 £500 Spend On Home Entertainment

The Angel, Islington M502 + Euston Road M503 + Pentonville Road M504

🏆 True Wireless Earbuds

🚂 Train Icon

Stations: Kings Cross M522 + Marylebone M523 + Fenchurch St. M524 + Liverpool St. M525

🏆 £200 Cash For Passing Go

Rare pieces McDonald’s Monopoly

In each color set there are rare Monopoly items that increase the chances of receiving a valuable prize, namely:

  • Dark Blue color – Mayfair (5 pc);
  • Green color – Bond Street (21 pc);
  • Yellow color – Coventry Street (75 pc);
  • Red color – Strand (160 pc);
  • Train Icon – Liverpool St. Station (2010 pc);
  • Orange color – Marlborough Street (205 pc);
  • Hot Pink color – Northumberl’d Avenue (3200 pc);
  • Light Blue color – Euston Road (3150 pc);
  • Brown color – Old Kent Road (2 050 000 pc).

Which dishes on the menu are sold with McDonald’s Monopoly stickers?

To play Monopoly, you will need to know which product is participating in the promotion, since not all products have a tear-off sticker. Here is the menu of Monopoly dishes, choose what you like:

  • Chicken & Bacon Salad or Chicken Salad;
  • Chicken Selects (3 or 5 Pieces);
  • McPlant;
  • Big Tasty with or without Bacon;
  • Any Big Flavour Wrap;
  • McCrispy;
  • McSpicy;
  • Medium or Large Carbonated Soft Drink;
  • Any item from the McCafe Iced range;
  • Medium or Large Fries;
  • Mozzarella Dippers or Mozzarella Dippers Cheese Sharebox;
  • Flake McFlurry or Flake Raspberry McFlurry;
  • Any other Side (meaning a Side Salad, Veg Bag or Fruit Bag) when sold as part of a Medium or Large Meal (not being a Salad Meal) served after 11am;
  • Any other Drink when sold as part of a Medium or Large Meal served after 11am.

Since 2023, you will find only two stickers on each package of goods. Previously, it was possible to meet 3 pcs. on the package.

When does the Monopoly Double Peel game end?

You can officially play Monopoly Double Peel only until October 17. You must use prizes or vouchers by October 31, 2023.

Tips for playing Monopoly at McDonald’s

If you approach the matter correctly, you can increase your chances of winning. Here are some tips on how to get more stickers for less money:

  1. The most common is to find a peel from the packaging in a restaurant or near it and get a gift.
  2. Use Metro vouchers for £1.99 and earn 4 chips. There are two stickers for each package: McPlant, fries or drink.
  3. Order a “Wrap of the Day” with a drink and French fries for £4.19. For this set you can get 4 stickers.
  4. On Fridays, buy fries for £0.99 and get 2 peels.
  5. Take advantage of the bonus points and spend on an average French fries or salad.
  6. Open the electronic sticker in the McDonald’s app, after adding the property to the board, so you will double your chances of receiving a gift.