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McDonald’s is a key part of many people’s diet. That being said, it’s not always an option to stop what you’re currently doing and go to the nearest restaurant. That’s exactly why delivery is so popular now. You can order a delivery service online through Just Eat, Uber Eats, McDelivery and others. It’s viable for any time of the time, so that you can get a lunch, supper of breakfast delivery.


Is delivery free at McDonald’s?
Delivery is paid at McDonald’s. Though, sometimes there are active promo codes that give you a free delivery, and you can view them here. The cost of delivery depends on several factors, you can read in detail here.
Does McDonald’s have a home delivery?
Yes. It delivers with its own delivery service, as well as third-party services.
Which delivery services deliver food from McDonald’s?
There are several delivery services that do so. Besides the company’s own McDelivery, there are Uber Eats, Just East, Deliveroo and more.
Which area near me has the McDonald’s home delivery?
There are two ways to know if there is a McDonald’s delivery near me:

  1. Go to the “Restaurant Locator” online service and add your postcode. Then, you’ll be given a list of nearest restaurants, where a delivery can be ordered to your home.
  2. Go to an online food delivery service, like Just Eats, and add your postcode, then see if there is a McDonald’s in the restaurants list.

Can I use my offer or discount while ordering a delivery?
Yes, most of our offers are now available on McDelivery. To add an order into McDelivery, select this app and press “add to the McDelivery order”.
What can I order with delivery?
The McDonald’s delivery menu uses most food items the regular menu has, except for ice cream and products that contain ice cream.

McDonald’s free delivery

You can get various discounts for ordering a delivery at McDonald’s. To do this, you need to download the app and use the promotion in the “Offers” section.

How much does the McDonald’s delivery cost in Great Britain?

The delivery cost depends on the location of the restaurant, the cost of your order and the service fees. The prices can also vary depending on the service you used.

For instance, let’s estimate how much it would take to deliver McDonald’s burgers in London, postcode W1A 1AB.

McDelivery – the delivery cost is 3.99 GBP, it depends on the restaurant location and the proximity of available couriers. The first order gets a 20% off, minus the costs of delivery.

Just Eats – only the order cost is taken into account (it costs 2.99 GBP if lower than 8 GBP and 0.99 GBP if higher).

Uber Eats:

  • 2 GBP for as a ‘small order fee’ for orders lighter than 5 pounds.
  • 1.79 GBP as a delivery fee, based on the distance.
  • 0.99 GBP, 10% off the order price prior to all discounts (min 0.99, max 2.99).


  • 2 GBP for as a ‘small order fee’ for orders lighter than 12 pounds.
  • 3.99 GBP as a delivery fee, based on the distance.
  • 0.99 GBP, 5% off the order price prior to all discounts (min 0.99, max 2.49).

How to make a McDelivery order in the McDonald’s app?

To make a McDelivery order, follow these steps:

  1. Download the McDonald’s UK app and create an account in it;
  2. Go to the ‘order’ section in the app and add the delivery address;
  3. Choose the dish for your order and add it into the cart;
  4. Make an order and pay for it.

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