McDonald’s Menu and Prices in UK for today - Latest Changes 20 June 2024

It’s the most complete and trustworthy McDonald’s menu with all the current prices as of 2024. The comfortable navigation across menu will allow you to quickly find your favourite dish, learn its price and calories. We don’t neglect the vegetarian options, as well – there is a separate menu for them. Anyone who likes a tasty breakfast can find a lot of interesting stuff in the McDonald’s breakfast menu.

The menu is divided into several sections that refer to different types of food and drink found in the restaurants.



These sandwiches are the cornerstone of McDonald’s menu. The menu currently incorporates 19 distinct burgers from beef, chicken, fish and vegetable substitutes. They differ in size, ingredients and even form.

Saver Menu

It includes most basic dishes available at McDonald’s. They are all cheap options that you can pick without worrying about the cost. It includes Fries, McFlurries & some Burgers. The latter are mostly small, with several Cheeseburger varieties.

Snacks / Sides / Fries

These items are all additional snacks that can be dipped into sauce and eaten alongside the main course. Most of them are made from chicken. Besides potato Fries, you can buy a variety of other sides to brighten up your meal.


Delicious fusion of meat and vegetables, all stuffed inside a reasonably soft bread wrap.

Vegan and Vegetarian Menu 🌱

They mostly display the McDonald’s items that contain no meat. The Vegetarian menu sells McFlurries, Soda, Coffee, as well as several specials. The Vegan list excludes everything made from animal product. The specials in both of them include veggie burgers, wraps and dippers. They may cost more than their meat-containing analogs.

Happy Meal

Happy Meal is the iconic kiddie meal that goes in several variations. The portions are generally smaller and include food beloved by children. Each package also goes with a toy gift.


Salads often go unappreciated by our visitors, but we offer a wide variety of dishes from vegetables, chicken and more. They are like wraps, but in a neat box plate. Pick your favorite and enjoy fresh greens.


This section is for condiments – not only for dipping, but also dressings for Salads, Burgers and Pancakes.

Smoky Barbecue Dip
kcal: 84
Sweet Chilli Dip
kcal: 89
Sour Cream and Chive Dip
kcal: 140


For all you sweet-teeth, we have a big list of sugar-filled desserts to finish your meal. Here, you can find McFlurries, Milkshakes, pastries and more.


McFlurry is the own line of ice cream of McDonalds. Select your favorite flavor out of many we have – they are all equally delectable.


Milkshake is a perfect on-the-go dessert that contains milk, cream, sugar, syrup and flavorful ingredients.


McCafe offers a selection of all the coffee types you might want.

Hot Chocolate Deluxe
£ 1.69
kcal: 201
Caramel Waffle Latte
£ 2.19
kcal: 184
White Coffee
kcal: 54
kcal: 6
Toffee Latte
£ 1.69
kcal: 150
£ 1.69
kcal: 145
Hot Chocolate
kcal: 173
Flat White
£ 1.69
kcal: 86
kcal: 1
Double Espresso
£ 1.19
kcal: 1
£ 1.69
kcal: 97
Black Coffee
kcal: 6

McDonalds Iced Coffee

Iced coffee, or Frappe, is a mix of coffee, ice cream, syrup and other ingredients that give you a perfect blend of energy and taste.


Need to quench your thirst? The big selection of drinks in our menu will help you out real easy.

Mango and Pineapple Smoothie
£ 2.49
kcal: 180
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade
£ 2.29
kcal: 201
£ 1.07
kcal: 106
Coca-Cola Zero
kcal: 1
Diet Coke
kcal: 1
kcal: 48
Sprite Zero
kcal: 3

The prices in the McDonald’s menu were checked in these cities: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Belfast, Sheffield, Manchester, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff and Coventry, but they also apply in others. Information updated - June 2024.

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