Which toys are available at McDonald’s this week and how much does a Happy Meal cost?

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Happy Meal at McDonald’s is a delicious meal with awesome toys and a lot of different entertaining games for children. When you order a Happy Meal, you get one toy from a certain collection. Here you will find out which toys emerged at McDonald’s this week and how much they cost.

Download the Happy Meal app

In addition, there is also an engaging app, in which your child can play, develop and have some fun. Download app on the:

  • Google Play;
  • App Store.

Which toy is available in a Happy Meal this month?

From 12 May 2024, McDonald’s is introducing toys in Hello Kitty’s new collaboration with Yu-Gi-Oh in Happy Meal. The collection includes 5 toys. Collect the whole collection and have fun with your friends. Also your child can scan the qr code on the box and follow the transformations in the digital world.

New Happy Meal toys – Yu-Gi-Oh x Hello Kitty

If you don’t want a toy, you can choose one of the Happy Meal books. You will get an interesting and informative book about three famous scientists or about or legendary jazz singer – Ella Fitzgerald.

Happy Meal loves to give joy to children

McDonald’s cares about the environment, so the materials from which the toys are made are 100% natural and available for recycling.

How much does a Happy Meal and only a toy cost in the UK?

The average price of a Happy Meal is £2.59 – £3.59, depending on the location of a restaurant.

You can’t order a single Happy Meal toy online – it can be purchased separately from the meal only in the restaurant. Its average price is £1.49, but it may also vary.

Under the new terms, you can purchase only one extra toy after paying for a Happy Meal in a single invoice.This means that you are not allowed to buy two or more toys until you purchase another Happy Meal.

What does a Happy Meal consist of?

There are five different main dishes to choose from: A hamburger or a cheeseburger, McNuggets, fish fingers or veggie dippers. Each meal also contains a drink and a side dish of your choice – fries, cucumber sticks, melon fruit bag.