20 Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s

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20 Piece Chicken Mc Nuggets – this is the ideal dish for a group of friends or a family in which everyone loves chicken! Fried pieces of fillet, covered in breadcrumbs, have a pleasant smell and an extremely crispy crust!

Large portion of a famous chicken dish at a reasonable price at McDonald’s.

869 kcal
3638 kJ

In the UK, an average of 2,200 kcal (8,700 kJ) is needed for normal weight maintenance.

Below is information about the nutritional value of a dish for one person:

Protein50 g
Carbs68 g
Fat43 g
Salt1.9 g
Saturates4.9 g
Sugars1.9 g

Learn about allergic foods in a dish – 20 Chicken Nuggets:

Contain allergens:

Wheat gluten, celery.

May contain traces of allergen:

Milk, mustard.

We are following the updates and the information is relevant in 2024!

*Attention, the price may vary! The average price for the UK is indicated. It all depends on the location of the restaurant.
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  1. Sean Stroud

    My workmates made me buy 5 lots of these for my initiation! It was a great time, super yummy. :razz:

    1. harry

      yummy yummy in our tummies 👀😜

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