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Caramel Iced Frappe – this is the right drink to order if you love coffee! Cold caramel frappe has a strong coffee aroma and sweet, slightly tart flavour. This drink will quench your thirst and charge your body with energy!

Very sweet iced coffee at an affordable price at McDonald’s.

In the UK, an average of 2,200 kcal (8,700 kJ) is needed for normal weight maintenance.

Below is information about the nutritional value of the drink.

Regular Caramel Iced Frappe – 306 kcal / 1282 kJ

Protein6.4 g
Carbs38 g
Fat16 g
Salt0.31 g
Saturates10 g
Sugars33 g

Large Caramel Iced Frappe – 386 kcal / 1619 kJ

Protein8.2 g
Carbs48 g
Fat19 g
Salt0.4 g
Saturates12 g
Sugars42 g

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The cost of a milkshake depends on the size:

  • M – £2.49
  • L – £2.81
*Attention, the price may vary! The average price for the UK is indicated. It all depends on the location of the restaurant.
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